The PrimeMark Group's primary focus is on Maximizing Business Value. With extensive experience running a number of companies and also advising privately-held companies as an investment banker and consultant, Wayne Slavitt provides high-impact consulting services to business owners seeking strategies to enhance shareholder wealth as part of an overall plan to improve cash flow and position the company for sale.

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The PrimeMark Group has extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Retail, specifically in the home medical equipment and leisure products sectors
  • E-commerce
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Real estate investment and management
  • Investment banking in the private sector
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Corporate finance
  • Patent development, procurement and divestment

People are talking...

Those who have worked with Wayne over the years have said the following about him:

  • "Wayne has a real depth in the HME retail sector. He has built Mobul into a "best in class" industry stalwart."
  • "He is a seasoned business professional with a broad range of experience in industry and investment banking.”
  • “Wayne has a dynamic career involved in the upper management of growth companies, as well as in investment banking, with an outstanding record of achievement in finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, operations, retail, and e-commerce, working with both troubled companies and successful ventures.”
  • “I have found Wayne Slavitt to be an expert in identifying key areas of opportunities needed to maximize shareholder wealth and cash flow, with an established record of raising capital for new projects.”
  • “Truly, Wayne made a difference for us. He was poised and competent with a demonstrated ability to provide clear, thoughtful counsel. He thrived in our deadline-driven environment.”
  • “Wayne is an excellent communicator coupled with an ability to actively manage change—a proven team builder and motivator. He is diplomatic and tactful with our professionals and non-professionals at all levels.”
  • “Wayne Slavitt has a strong ability to inject fresh ideas into the business planning process and is accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential information.”
  • “Wayne delivers “game changing” results.

Can we make a difference? If we are unable to add value to your company, you don't need us. By limiting the number of companies we work with at any one time, we are able to focus on what it takes to provide "game changing" results with your company. We are not just advisers, but are also close confidants and advocates.


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